Admissions Notes

Now that the admissions process is over (unless you’re on a wait-list), we wanted to share some of the feedback we’ve received from parents who went through the process for Fall 2010. Here’s what we heard:

What went right:
  • Several families applied to lots of schools i.e. 5 or more and were accepted at several schools
  • Several families told the school what they loved about the school (being very specific)
  • Several families asked their contacts/friends for letters of recommendation
  • Families spent the time to write each application tailored to the specific school rather than cutting & pasting the same generic answers for each school
  • Two kids got accepted from wait-lists already
What went wrong:
  • Several families applied to 3 or fewer schools and were not accepted at any of them
  • One parent challenged the school’s educational philosophy during the parent interview and didn’t get into the school
  • A family whose child attended a very traditional preschool (parochial) but applied to developmental/progressive elementary schools without explaining the reason was wait-listed
  • A few parents who didn’t complete their financial aid forms in time but cannot afford tuition were wait-listed or declined admission
We’ll post more admissions notes if you’d like to share them with us… or leave a comment (you can remain anonymous).