What If You Dislike The Admissions Director At A School?

A recent reader comment got me thinking about the issue of what to do if you tour a school and you dislike the admissions director. Or, what if you tour a school and the person leading the tour is not well-informed or is a kid?


If you think your child might do well at the school, try to look past the AD to other aspects of the school. Focus your attention on the teachers, the curicculium, the athletic program, diversity, the location of the school, etc.


Understand that you’ll probably have minimal if any contact with the AD once your child is enrolled in the school. Of course, if the AD has a dual role like asst. head of school, then that’s different.


Let’s face it, some ADs aren’t always the best representative for what may be a wonderful school. I’d talk to current parents at the school and try to get a deeper sense of the school and feedback on the aspects of a school that will be important to you and your child.