The School Tour: "Do Your Homework in The New York Times"

Here’s a piece from  The New York Times, Oct. 31, 2011. The article offers some interesting information that is applicable to touring schools in L.A.

Last month, Holly Epstein Ojalvo began a series of posts about how to get the most out of a school tour, and what to focus on before, during and after a visit. Using insights from her own teaching career, and from experts, she hopes to help demystify the experience. Here are some tips for preparing for the tour. Join the conversation below in helping her address your issues and experiences in future posts.
Not too long ago, a discussion thread on the parent chat board Urban Baby started with a mother asking: “Do I need a designer handbag for tours and interviews? What kind should I get?” Other mothers were full of advice.
Though some rolled their eyes, none of the responders pointed out that tours are for parents to size up the school, not the other way around.
Whether you are interested in seeing the school your child will attend — if it is a zoned school, for instance, or your child has already been admitted; looking more broadly and want to weed out places for your child to apply to; or figuring out which school to make your first choice, taking a tour can be the most efficient way to find out whether a school is a good fit for your child and family.
But only if you are well prepared.
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