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  1. As a new reader to the site I must say that Beyond the Brochure has helped me so much!!! This is my first time applying to a private school (in LA.. recently moved here from Philadelphia) and here in LA things are done a little different from good’ol Philly. I am applying to a private school (that I am absolutley in love with) but at a recent event I met a parent that has applied five times to this same school and has had no luck getting accepted. Hearing this definitely broke my spirit a little (okay maybe a lot) I mean seriously five times! Anyway all of these questions and ideas began to run through my head: Who will be reviewing my childs application? A group, an individual, the head of the school, or the admissions department? Why would they deny my child? And if my child is denied how many more times should I apply? Is there a such thing as applying too many times after being denied repeatedly?

    All of these questions, and just not knowing, and having to wait until mid March for a decision has taken a toll on my brain so today I took upon myself to email Chrsitina and she responded very quickly. Chrsitina informed me that the review of applications differs from school to school but what I should be focused on is what else can I do as a parent to assist my childs application with hopefully being accepted. Christina’s suggestions were to obtain more letters of recommendation and/or send a handwritten letter to the Director of admissions. Needless to say I did both today before I even finished reading her email…. Im not even kidding… And now all I can do is wait and pray….

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