Los Angeles Private School Tuition: A List



* Here’s an updated tuition list for 2015-16


You’re right. L.A. private school tuition isn’t cheap. And, tuition doesn’t even cover the full cost of educating a child at a private school. So, in addition to writing the big check, a parent can expect to contribute to annual giving, auctions or gala fundraisers and numerous other events throughout the year. Tuition typically rises about 4 percent per year, depending on the school.


Still, we think the cost is worth every penny. The quality of education at L.A. private schools is generally superb.  Excellent teachers, fully integrated and staffed technology programs, low student/teacher ratio, tight security, gardens bright, large classrooms and state-of-the-art facilities are just a few of the resources you’re paying for. Your kid’s opportunity to build life-long friends and colleagues who may become future movers and shakers is also a priceless benefit that is built into the hefty price tag. 


Elementary Schools: 

Brawerman Elementary of Wilshire Blvd. Temple: $24,000 (non Temple members) $21,500 (Temple members)

Buckley: $28,846 (most expensive)

Brentwood: $28,250

Campbell Hall: $25,990

Carlthorp: $21,864

Center For Early Education: $24,435

Crossroads: $26,600

Curtis: $23,950

John Thomas Dye: $24,650

Laurence: $23,000

Mirman: $23,950

Oakwood: $27,370

PS#1:  $23,950

Pilgrim: $12,360

Stephen S. Wise: $22,080

St. Paul The Apostle: $11,000

Temple Israel of Hollywood: $16,705 (not including Temple membership)

Viewpoint: $26,515

Westland: $19,020

Westside Waldorf: $18,768

Wildwood: $25,985

Willows: $24,800


Secondary Schools:

Archer: $30,925

Brentwood: $32,950 (most expensive)

Buckley: $32,475

Campbell Hall: $30,990

Crossroads: $31,900

Harvard-Westlake: $31,350

Loyola Boys School: $15,240

Marlborough: $32,485

Mirman: $26,250

Oakwood: $32,050

Pilgrim: $14,340

Wildwood: $32,425

Viewpoint: $31,205

Windward: $31,648


* Source: Individual School Websites

** Private school tuition rises about 4 percent annually

Here’s Part 2 of Tuition List

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