Get Ready For Fall: Mommy-Pickup At L.A. Private Schools (a.k.a. The Catwalk)

Depending on the L.A. private elementary school your kid will attend (or currently attends), afternoon pick-up or an evening school event might feel a bit like Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2012.


At The Willows School, we have several celebrity moms. These trend-setters come to school wearing super-high heels (4 inches minimum), professional hair and make-up and designer clothing (think Prada, Victoria Beckham (hint hint), Marc Jacobs). With all eyes on their luxe glamour, what’s a regular mom to do?


Even some of the Willows moms who aren’t famous have incredible, enviable style. One of my friends just got a big Chanel handbag (splurge!). Also seen around campus: Stella McCartney everything and a few Hermes Birken bags (mega-splurge…or maybe not if you’re mega-rich). In a previous post, we broke down the defining style, school by school.


For me, its all about keeping a low profile these days. Unlike in years past, I won’t be taking on any major volunteer jobs that require me to be at school a lot. Of course, I love fashion, high-end designers and a beautiful handbag (I’m coveting a tan Bottega Veneta tote with an insane pricetag). But, I’ve been a mom at our school long enough to walk in wearing everything from tennis wear (or worse) to a cute outfit.


Here’s what’s going to help remain incognito during mommy-pick up:

Accessories for keeping a low profile. Hat: Gap, Sunglasses: Kate Spade


My friend Jessica Gottlieb, who writes the quirky, intelligent blog, (which happens to be one of the most popular blogs in the country) is an L.A. private school mom too. She recently went on a spending spree at Barneys and Nordstrom and unpacked her bags in this video clip. Oh, and she got a pair of Fendi flats marked way down. And a pair of great Celine sunglasses. 


L.A. mom blogger Michelle Chiklis, who writes the elegant and gorgeous lifestyle blog, Carpool, Couture and Cocktails is a mom of two daughters who attend top L.A. private schools. Michelle definitely keeps her eye on trends. A self-described “volleyball mom” she dresses for the occasion. Take a look at her finds, from a J.Crew hat to cool vintage tees and her favorite McQueen dress (so stunning!).


Celebrity mom Shiva Rose is a parent at the Waldorf School. She loves vintage finds and local designers, as shown here on her blog, The Local Rose.


Is style a big part of an L.A private school mom’s life? That, my friends, all depends on who you are. And, don’t think everything is pricey. I got these Maniera rain boots FREE for participating in aTwitter chat!

Rainboots in the summer! Worn by my daughter. Perfect for stomping around the back yard


15 thoughts on “Get Ready For Fall: Mommy-Pickup At L.A. Private Schools (a.k.a. The Catwalk)

  1. Yet another reason I love Temple Israel. No pressure whatsoever. I often go looking like I just rolled out of bed … which I did … and still, there are Moms there showing up in way worse than me! All hail TIOH!

      • Luckily for me, TIOH has way more writers in attendance than actors … and the actors have the good sense to dress down / be covered with the same amount of kid mess as the rest of us!

  2. We have a little bit of everything at my kids’ school. Lucky for us workout wear is probably the biggest trend at our school which keeps things simple and somewhat economical.

    Christina, the sunglasses and shades look is a winner for you!

  3. My child will be starting at Curtis in September. I don’t think I will be in the “best dressed” list there!

  4. It’s L.A.. I discovered long ago you can’t compete as there’s no way to win. I could use a great hat and some sunglasses though for school appearances!

  5. the moms at our school must think I work out all the time (not b/c of my super fit self) but I’m always wearing yoga pants
    I love the sunglasses and hat look too , I rock that myself

  6. I love the hat and sunglasses, Christina. Very summer chic! Other than the nice handbag I was definitely at the low end of the fashion totem-pole at my kids’ schools. Too stressful to try to keep up and, honestly, I’d rather be in my sweats or a pair of jeans.

  7. I love your “hint, hint” comment. I couldn’t imagine going to such a high fashion school. I say this because I consider sweats dressing up to drop my kids off in the morning. I’m lucky to get out of my pjs. Usually, the afternoon pick-ups are a little better. I try to put on some “normal” clothes and a little make-up. I’m going to have to try the hat and sunglasses look though. I like it!

  8. Christina, I’m confused — do you think that worrying about other mothers’ fashion choices is silly, or not? I ask because you seem both to mock it and to care about it a great deal.

    For the record, I’m an “LA private school mom,” and I never think about fashion when I’m on campus. Neat? Yes. Attractive? Hopefully. But, fashionplate-y? Not a chance. My husband and I happily send our son to an exclusive Westside school (along with lots of celebrity families) because we want him to get a great education and learn to be a caring, insightful person — not a person who judges others by what brand of sunglasses they are wearing.

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