Educational Consultants

Here are some very well-respected L.A. and out-of-town educational consultants who can help you with your private school search (in alphabetical order):

Betsy Brown Braun

Parenting Pathways, Inc. Author of “You’re Not The Boss Of Me” and “Just Tell Me What To Say”. Betsy provides educational consulting services for preschool and elementary school placement. (See our blog interview with Betsy from June 22, 2010).


Lana Brody,  Lana Brody & Associates (not taking additional clients for 2012-13)

Lana Brody is a former educator who works in Pacific Palisades. She places families at top private elementary schools in LA. Lana has more than 30 years of experience as an educator in public schools (teacher, counselor and principal). She participated in New Visions Of Education with Independent (Private) School Heads, facilitated by Paul Cummins (founder of Crossroads). Lana is a member of the LA County Mental Health Commission and the Ad Hoc Human Resources Committee. 310-459-9911

Brody & Associates, Allyn Shapiro, M.A. 310-823-3836

Allyn specializes in placement of kids with special needs.

Sandy Eiges, M.S.W
LA School Scout (See our Q&A blog interview with Sandy on June 3, 2010). Click on the link above to see Sandy Eiges’ very useful (free) calendar of school tours.

Eileen Horowitz
Life Coach/Parent Partner

Check out our interview with Eileen, On The Scene! Eileen Horowitz: From Head Of School To Life Coach/Parent Partner.


Jamie Nissenbaum, LA School Mates (See our blog interview with Jamie from May 3, 2010)


Devra Weltman Harris, Parent Educator and Education Consultant (specializing in L.A. and families who are relocating to L.A). Contact 323-664-4267 or email: or To see our Q and A interview with Devra Weltman, click HERE. 


Christine Sharma, Firefly Educational Consulting. Specializes in the 805 and 818 area codes. See our interview with Christine.


Independent School Alliance for Minority Affairs of Southern California


The Independent School Alliance for Minority Affairs of Southern California helps minority families with all aspects of the application process.


Michelle Nitka, author of Coping With Preschool Panic. Specializes in preschool and elementary school placement/consulting.www.


Out of town:

Anne Simon, “Beyond The Brochure” co-author is available for phone consultations only.


Kasia Daum

Kasia is a contributor to Beyond The Brochure: An Insider’s Guide to Private Elementary Schools In L.A., is a respected child and family psychotherapist and private school consultant. For the past 7 years, she has conducted admissions testing at the Hill School in Middleburg, VA. Kasia has 20 years experience working with kids, parents and schools. In her private practice in Northern Virginia, Kasia works with kids who have anxiety and behavior issues. She is available for phone consultation regarding general kindergarten readiness.