Beyond The Brochure’s School Profiles

Beth Hillel Elementary: A Hidden-Jewel With An All-Embracing Vision

Blue Oak Creative Schoolhouse: A Transitional Kindergarten In West LA 

Chandler School: Acclaimed Academics On An Expansive Campus (Pasadena)

Children’s Community School: Progressive Instruction in Matters of the Heart and Mind.

Crestview Preparatory School, La Canada: Q&A with Head of School

Echo Horizon School’s Magnificent Makerspace

Los Encinos School: A Small School For A Big World

Little Acorn Grows Is Growing: K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades. 

Lycee International de Los Angeles: The World Meets France In Los Feliz 

Mirman School: A Gift For The Gifted

Notre Dame Academy: A Traditional Catholic School For The 21st Century

Pasadena Waldorf: Blending Old And New For An Expansive World View (Pasadena)

Pilgrim School: Watch Out World

PS1’s Point of View: Purposeful, Progressive, Pluralism (co-authored by Matt Steiner)

Sequoyah School: A Sensational Place Inspired By A Native American Wordsmith (Pasadena)

Seven Arrows: Fully In Bloom

Sierra Canyon: Majestic Beauty Illuminates Illustrious Tradition 

Stephen S. Wise Elementary: A Very “Wise” Choice

St. Mark’s Episcopal School: Timeless Tradition, Talented Teachers And Tech Tools (Altadena)

St. Matthew’s Parish School: Embracing Tradition And Excellence 

Temple Israel Day School: Excellence In Scholarship Basks In The Warmth Of Community

Turning Point School: A Vocabulary Of Visuals, Creativity And Academics

Walden School: Educating Students Who Are Destined To Make A Difference (Pasadena)

Waverly School: Progressive Perfection (Pasadena)

Westland School: Proudly Progressive

Westland School: The Virtues of a Child-Sized Education by Matt Steiner (Launch Education Group)

Westridge School: Where Girls Are Unstoppable (Pasadena)

Wildwood School: Dazzling New Outdoor Space

Please note: Blog posts about The Willows School are located through the blog in the order they were written.



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4 thoughts on “Beyond The Brochure’s School Profiles

  1. Hi there! Very happy to have stumbled onto your site. Just a suggestion, but for those wanting to look for schools in a particular area, it would be great to have locations added (there are only a few that I have seen above that indicate location). Is there a place on your website that allows you to look for your reviews according to location? I didn’t see anything, but I may be missing it… thanks :)

    1. Hi Blu, there is a map of L.A. private elementary schools I created…it gives an idea of location for many of the schools in L.A., but not all of them. You can find it under the blog header, “New To The Blog? Start Here” section. Click on the map to enlarge it. Hope that helps! Christina

  2. Thank you for your great book.
    I have read it a few times and I am following all of your recommendations. I let you know how they worked in a few months.
    I and my partner ( two men) are raising our own two boys. One is getting ready for Kinder-garden. I want a school that has an anti-harassment and bullying policy or maybe openly gay-friendly and accepting policy. It is my biggest nightmare that my sons get exposed to teasing, homophobia and harassment because they are coming from a same sex parents home.
    My question is now, which elementary school is the best choice among the non-religious high-end private schools.
    I am even afraid to bring up these questions during interviews. I am afraid they might think I am too demanding.
    That brings me to my second question. How should I ask them if they are gay friendly and sound politically correct?
    Third issue.
    Considering that Los Angele has a lot of same sex families with children, you might want to add a chapter about best options for them in your next edition.

    1. Dr. MZ, thanks for reading the book & blog! I understand your concerns about finding the right school for your family. I think the best way to find the answer to your question is to talk to parents at a school to find out about their experience. If you can’t do that, ask your preschool director, other parents at your preschool who might know people at schools you’re thinking about applying to. I’ll tell you that in my experience at both Willows and Viewpoint, I’ve never seen or heard of any anti-gay incidents, thankfully. I think this is true for most good L.A. private schools. I know the Center For Early Education has a good reputation for having lots of gay families and being very gay-friendly. Same with Oakwood and Wildwood. Good luck with your school search! –Christina

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