A Must-Read New Memoir: “Everything You Ever Wanted” by Jillian Lauren


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Last Friday, I was thrilled to welcome Jillian Lauren to my home for a book reading and discussion of her new memoir, Everything You Ever Wanted. Jillian is a New York Times bestselling author, a mom, a rock wife, a blogger and a storyteller who lives in Silverlake.

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As about 25 friends gathered in my living room, Jillian read a few pages from her exquisite memoir about infertility, the adoption of her infant son from Ethiopia, touring with her rock guitarist husband and the enormous struggles her family has faced when they discovered her son has early trauma-related special needs. Everything You Ever Wanted is a beautifully written, honest portrayal of parenting with love through the rough times…I mean the really difficult times that bring you to your knees, causing you to question if you’re going to be able to make it through the storm.

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We enjoyed delicious food from my longtime friend, Chef Vanessa Bathfield.

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As Jillian answered questions from the group of women gathered around her, stories were shared and tears flowed. It was a powerful, inspiring conversation. Hearing Jillian talk about having to use her entire body to restrain her young son as he kicked and screamed, while strangers staring and commented, told us this was the story of a mom who’d do anything to find the right methods (and therapists) to help her adorable son In the book, Jillian also details the arduous journey to find the right preschool.  After being kicked out of several fancy L.A. preschools, she’s found an excellent private elementary school for him. It’s a place that, not surprising to me since I know this school, has helped him flourish socially and academically.  It has both warmth and structure, two qualities he needs. Jillian was honest about his specific needs when they applied and the school stepped up.

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I loved this book. So will you.–Christina

To buy the book, click here.


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